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Subwoofer positioning & adjustment

Boomy bass? Not sounding quite right? Follow these steps for the most accurate subwoofer performance. "It’s relatively easy to put a subwoofer into your system and hear more bass. What's difficult is making the subwoofer's bass integrate with the sound of your main speakers. A well-integrated subwoofer produces a seamless sound, no boomy thump, and natural reproduction of music. A poorly integrated subwoofer will sound thick, heavy boomy, and unnatural, calling attention to the fact that you have smaller speakers reproducing the frequency spectrum from the midrange up, and the big subwoofer putting out low bass." 

Do I need to use my speaker grilles?

Some people love them, some people just don't. But do you know what effect they have on the sound you're hearing? To a lot of people, speaker grilles serve two minor purposes: one, to appease those that don't like the look of those beautiful drivers, and two, to keep nosey guests from touching them. And while these can be pretty important factors, there's a whole lot more to it than that.

Get to know 5-way binding posts

All of our speakers use 5-way binding posts to get the best connection, however you choose to do so. But what does that mean exactly? Your receiver and amplifier are pumping out big power. Your thick low-gauge speaker wire is prepared to deliver all of it to your loudspeakers. How do you make sure that all that power and audio information makes it to the speaker intact? By having the best possible connection options at the speaker end. Polk gives you that, with professional-grade 5-way binding posts.